RoadToUK Ambassadors Program

Calling all FINAL YEAR medical students around the world!! You have the unique and exciting opportunity to become a RoadToUK ambassador. This program aims to reward ambassadors with career guidance and the tools to equip themselves with leadership qualities so that they can act as a support system for their peers. Please note this is not a job or a paid role, read on to find more about it!

Who Are We?

Dr Ibreez Ajaz and Dr Ibrahim Ivan, are the founders of the Road to UK platform. There are 100+ blog articles covering working and living in the UK as medical doctors which gets ~150,000 views/month. Their YouTube Channel contains in-depth videos and vlogs about the UK process, and their Facebook page and groups enables them to be in contact with and support a massive number of IMGs on a daily basis.

What does it involve?

  • Promote RoadToUK via career guidance session events in your institution.
  • Guide your friends and colleagues about the pathways and processes involved in becoming an NHS doctor.
  • Act as a point-of-contact for any queries or problems among your peers.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • As an ambassador, you get ongoing career guidance support from Dr Ibreez and Dr Ibrahim.
  • You will have direct contact for all your and your peers’ queries about medical career in the UK.
  • Upon finishing your term, you get a certificate highlighting your involvement in leadership and peer-to-peer support (good for training applications!).

How is the Program Structured?

  • Ambassador applications go through a validation process.
  • Upon validation and shortlisting, you will get called for a short online interview/quiz.
  • Successful candidates will receive an invitation to join our ambassador-only Slack workspace.
  • We will arrange regular virtual sessions with all ambassadors to help form the knowledge of a UK medical career and it’s structure.
  • Ambassadors will also have the chance to win giveaways for their institutions by getting involved in promoting RoadToUK.

Hear more from our previous ambassadors!

Apply to be an Ambassador!

  • Fill up the form and provide a valid e-mail.
  • Remember to correctly mention your college/institution name.
  • You will need to upload some evidence proving that you are a FINAL YEAR medical student.
  • You will receive emails regarding further steps.