Be Involved in the LARGEST IMG Mentorship Network!

Moving to a new country is never easy, but never fear! With this IMG mentorship, you will be paired with a landed NHS doctor who can help guide you and aid in your adjustment process to a new system and life in the UK. Also, wouldn’t you want to help yourself in that early stage? Apply today!

Who Are We?

Dr Ibreez Ajaz and Dr Ibrahim Ivan, are the founders of the Road to UK platform. There are 100+ blog articles covering working and living in the UK as medical doctors which gets ~150,000 views/month. Their YouTube Channel contains in-depth videos and vlogs about the UK process, and their Facebook page and groups enables them to be in contact with and support a massive number of IMGs on a daily basis.

Why Should You Become a Mentor?

  • Do you want to help support new starter IMGs to the NHS?
  • Are you passionate about providing guidance and signposting to new doctors?
  • Do you want to help someone who has followed a similar path as you to the UK?

Why Should You Become a Mentee?

  • Are you new to a particular area or hospital?
  • Have you just started out in an NHS job and need a little local support?
  • Do you want the help of someone who has been in your shoes?

How is the Program Structured?

  • Mentor/Mentee application goes through a validation process.
  • After validation, you get an e-mail invite to join our communication platform (slack).
  • On that platform, you’ll receive a welcome message which will contain a link to a Slack channel to join.
  • Choose your specific role (Mentor/Mentee) to get automatically matched up with a person of a different role.
  • Our in-house MentorBot runs the whole program and will help you engage with your Mentor/Mentee.
  • Please remember to read and adhere to the respective (Mentor/Mentee) rules and guidelines.